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Interview Tips

Prepare Questions and Answers

I suggest creating a Google Spreadsheet and add as many relevant questions as possible. You can find many in Glassdoor. 

Once you create the spreadsheet form your answers in STAR format. 

Ask questions

Use Data

Back your answers with data. Interviewers need to type their insights and some of your answers into the system. Giving them some data helps them. 

Don't be afraid of asking clarifying questions. It helps you remove all assumptions. 

Ask challenging questions at the end of interview rather than generic quetions or no questions. Ex: 'What are the top challenges you facing now?', 'I noticed that you aske about X, why/how inmportant is it for the role?', 'What is the ideal candidate for this role?' 

Make a research on the industry, new trends, competitors etc. Surprising interviewers with some insights they might have missed impresses. 


Be Brave

Answer the question

If you notice you are not going in the right direction, say it out loud. It is fine to stop an answer and restart with an improved answer. Accepting failure, learning from it and taking a new course is appreciated. 

In many cases candidates give an answer to the question but the answer is not the answer to the questions asked. Make sure you are giving an answer to the question asked. This happens mostly in behavioral questions. 

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