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Google Hiring Attributes

There are 4 attributes that Google hires for: Role-Related Knowledge (RRK), General Cognitive Ability (GCA), Leadership skills, and Googleyness. The interviewers use a standardized rubric to evaluate each candidate.


Be aware that criteria will differ by level and function.

Googe Interview Role Related Knowledge

Role-Related Knowledge

In general, Google wants to know how a candidate thinks and what skills and knowledge they are bringing.

They're less concerned about a candidate knowing everything about a role, but candidates at least need the skills required to be successful. Needs vary by role and level. Know what’s essential for the role before you go to the interview.


Interviewers generally will have a list of RRK needed for the role and level. There are many questions available online for different RRK questions. 

Operations Manager

Process optimization

Workflow management

Stakeholder management

Some Areas Tested for Different Roles

Account Manager

Sales Skills

Relationship Mgmt

Business development

Google Interview Genra Cognitive Abilities

General Cognitive Abilities

Hiring managers focus primarily on GCA as this is the most important part of the selection. Interviewers ask open-ended, mostly hypothetical, questions to learn how you approach and solve problems. In majority of the cases, interviewers themselves might not know the right answers themselves. They focus on how big you think, what relevant variables you take into considerations or purposefully omit and how you come up with an answer. 

Speak out what is going through mind. That's the most insightful part. 

The myths around brain teaser questions found online do not appear in interviews anymore but they are good exercises for prep. 


Many technical skills in the rubrics capture GCA behaviors so GCA is sometimes implicitly captured in RRK.

Everyone considers GCA, whether through explicit GCA categories in the system or as they score and write feedback. GCA feedback will likely be a part of every RRK domain they score.


Areas Tested

Problem solving

Understanding complex situations quickly

Improving & developing thinking

Google Intervie Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Google seeks individuals who take initiative, champion ideas, and drive positive outcomes. They understand that leadership isn't confined to formal job titles. Think beyond past management roles and consider projects where you've stepped up, mentored others, or navigated team challenges.


Your ability to articulate the impact of your leadership is crucial. Google interviewers will want to understand how your actions influenced results, drove change, or improved processes.


Be prepared to discuss the challenges faced, your approach to overcoming them, and the lessons you learned along the way.

People Managers:

Coaches team

Empowers team

Shares vision & strategy

Helps with career development

Areas Tested


Manages projects

Gets things done

Works as a team

Strives for self-development

Google Interview Googleyness definition


Googleyness is that special quality that sets Googlers apart. It encompasses characteristics like intellectual curiosity, a bias toward action, and a collaborative approach to problem-solving.


Expect interview questions designed to uncover how you handle ambiguity, learn from setbacks, and work within team settings.


Google seeks individuals who aren't afraid to ask questions, embrace challenges as opportunities, and value the collective intelligence of the team. They want to see examples where you've sought out diverse perspectives, contributed to a positive work culture, and gone beyond the expected to achieve extraordinary results.


Areas Tested

Thrives in ambiguity

Values feedback

Effectively challenges the status quo

Puts the user first

Does the right thing

Cares about the team

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